Paraty and Ilha Grande

From Floripa, we caught a bus to Paraty further north (on the way to Rio). It’s got a historical centre in colonial style, complete with old cobbled streets. We had booked two nights, and on reflection that really should have been three to five is two full days rather than just one. We spent our day on a boat trip to a few beaches and bays around the area, swimming and snorkeling.

There were two other couples on our boat but we didn’t really chat to each other.
The next day we were due to get a bus to Angra dos Reis and catch a ferry to Ilha Grande from there. Oscar had started feeling ill the evening before, so we got a taxi to the bus terminal (and got well and truly overcharged). Funnily enough, one of the couples from the boat trip was ahead of us in the queue for the bus, so we joined forces in making our way to Ilha Grande. There are a few places along the coast that travellers visit and this is one of the common routes.
Ilha Grande is car-free and mainly full of trees (yay!), with good hiking trails and nice beaches.

Unfortunately, we had only booked two nights here as well (all booked together on that one day…), so again we only had one full day and Oscar wasn’t feeling great. At least we had the hostel dorm to ourselves.
Internet wasn’t great, so I couldn’t coordinate with the Argentinian couple and instead walked around a bit by myself before carrying Oscar to the beach for the afternoon (I carry him all the time. I’m very strong).

Short visit over, we caught the morning ferry back to Angra and a bus to Rio de Janeiro.

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