São Paulo is HUGE. It just doesn’t end. You drive and whenever you think you’re out of it, there are more highrisers…
On Saturday morning, Luiz drove Alliny and us 4 hours to the coast and a little island called Ilhabela. It’s a beautiful place, very much a holiday area. We got there in the afternoon and stayed in a hostel just across the street from the beach. On Sunday, we went to a place called Cachoeira da Toca, which is a bit like a natural aquatic park – there are different areas ( a waterfall, a big cave, natural rock slides) where you can spend all day and try some cachaça made there afterwards. The only downside were a whole lot of flying bitey things that made our legs (mainly mine – wish I wasn’t so white) look like a teenager’s face. I think even Steffi with her much preferred blood (by anything that bites) wouldn’t have been able to distract them. But anyway, it was beautiful and fun and we bought ourselves some ginger cachaça which we reckoned would be excellent for sore throats (no other reason) before we left.


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