First of all, Happy New Year everyone!

We’re having a bit of a lazy day today, first one since we got nfl jerseys cheap here, so I thought I’ll make a start on this…

Melbourne has been really good fun so far. We arrived in the evening of Christmas Day and it was really warm – 36 degrees or so. We met some of the guys for a beer and then just headed to bed – jet lag wasn’t too bad at all after that.

Since we had a few days before the wedding, we spent some time discovering Melbourne – we went to the beach at St Kilda…

…walked through the Botanical Garden…

watched a football match (Melbourne Victory vs Perth Glory)….

…and generally wandered around.

Then of course, there was the wedding – in a beautiful Botanic Park. It was absolutely pouring it down early on, but cleared up in the afternoon. And anyway, who cares about rain? It was great fun.

On the day after the wedding, we all moved into a big villa by the beach booked by the bride and groom – it’s huge, can’t believe people actually live in something like this!

So this is where we saw in 2017. Before that, we went on a tour on the Great Ocean Road, which was amazing – pictures will follow. And tomorrow we’re going to see penguins on Philip Island. And then we still have a few days before heading off to Doha for a day… We’re still deciding what to do!



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